Super Bowl 2021 Recipes

The Super Bowl is all about the FOOD, right?!

I mean, I knowthere’s football, too… But for real, half the fun (or more) is all the amazing apps and food! At least that’s how I roll…

With that in mind, I’ve curated a collection of the recipes I’ll be making for this years big game, and I want to share it with you!

Any ONE of these recipes will make you the HERO of the day, but if you have the temerity to tackle all of them? Well, you’ll be a Super Bowl LEGEND! And the truth is, with just a minimal amount of planning, you could totally make all of these – they’re all pretty straightforward, and I’ve included short cuts and time savers as well!

So, are you ready to be the hero of your party and cook like a legend?

Recipes included, from my own private collection:

  • Legendary queso dip (I spent years perfecting this one!)
  • Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños
  • Pretzel bread and beer cheese dip
  • Thai buffalo chicken wings (including my Thai buffalo sauce which hasn’t been seen since my food truck days!)
  • Shrimp Po’ Boy sliders with New Orleans remoulade (the remoulade is my personal recipe, and I use it for much m,ore than sandwiches!
  • Sheet tray pulled pork nachos (this includes my much sought-after pork dry rub recipe, which isn’t published anywhere else!)