Happy Sunday, brothers, sisters, and culinary siblings!

Although today’s sermon is all about knives, I invite you to consider the deeper spiritual act of using the knife, and in larger part, preparing food. You see, I genuinely view preparing food as a sacred act, and I approach it with reverence every single time. Think about it: eating is a VERY intimate act, and preparing and serving food carries a HUGE responsibility with it. Exercising proper food safety guidelines is just the tip of the iceberg, but infusing each dish with love is the deeper purpose.

Years ago, my therapist (who also happens to be a journeyman butcher and shares my passion for food) shared this wisdom on confronting difficult and challenging situations: “If you’re going to cut, use a sharp knife”. I had to ruminate on that for awhile, and those words have stayed with me. Challenging situations come up all the time in the kitchen, and in life. What I’ve learned from those words is that a sharp knife makes the cleanest cut and does the least damage, and ultimately, can yield the most wonderful dishes. Don’t hesitate when making decisions in the kitchen. Be mindful and work with purpose and clear intent. Everything will turn out fine.

And always use a sharp knife.

Savor the day, my friends.

Chef J.
The Culinary Evangelist