Happy Sunday brothers, sisters, and culinary siblings!

Today I want to share the good word about cast iron. I know, many of you tend to shy away from cast iron for a variety of reasons, and that’s ok! But hear me out with an open heart, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll convert you to a new way of thinking.

One of the most common reasons I hear that people avoid cast iron is that it’s too finicky or delicate, or requires too much care. I get it. I understand why people think this way, becauce it DOES require a little more care and attention than just scrubbing it out and popping it in the dishwahser.


That being said, the care really is pretty minimal, and cast iron is far more durable and forgiving than you may think. I mean, just consider the many stories you’ve heard about somebody using their grandmother’s cast iron, decades after Grandma first started using it. How many of your pots and pans will likely be around and in use in 50 years?

You see, brothers, sisters, and culinary siblings, I want to invite you to look at cast iron in a new way – cast iron is just like each and every one of us. At our core, we all just want a little tenderness, care, and nurture. There are times when we may feel dleicate, or in need of care, and that’s ok. Just know that your soul is built for survival, and you are meant to THRIVE. Care for yourself when necessary. You’re stronger than you think. You’ve got this, I promise.

Savor the day,

Chef J.