Recipe Collections

Recipes collections curated by Chef J. for celebrations and occasions

Each one of these collections has my own personal recipes that I make for special occasions. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

COMING SOON: The Brunch Collection

Cinco de Mayo collection

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with food! I’ve compiled a collection of 15 of my best (and authentic) Mexican recipes to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage! You’re on your own for the cerveza and margaritas! This collection includes FIVE different tacos, several sauces and condiments, and more!

Comfort Food collection

Sometimes you just need some home-cooked comfort food, and that’s what this collection is all about – the foods that bring us comfort after a shitty day, or a break-up, or a fender bender, or anything else that leaves us wanting a little soul comfort from a culinary aspect. And let’s be real, there’s MAGIC in comfort food, and it really does help even the worst situations.

Deviled eggs collection

Deviled eggs four ways – beet-cured curried deviled eggs are wonderfully robust and earthy, chipotle deviled eggs with bacon for a little smoky heat, avocado deviled eggs with tomato jam for a tasty balance of rich, savory, and sweet, and of course, classic deviled eggs with my secret ingredient!

March Madness Collection

This colllection includes my recipe for basic wings, as well as my PB&J wings with thai peanut sauce and strawberry sriracha, balsamic BBQ mneatballs, carnitas pork “totchos” made with tots instead of tortilla chips, bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos, Italian beef dip sliders, and my legendary peanut butter cookies!

Superbowl Collection 

The Superbowl recipe collection has all the classics – my very own queso dip, my pulled pork recipe for pulled pork sheet tray nachos, beer cheese and pretzel bread, along with a few twists on traditional items like Thai buffalo wings, and hoisin BBQ meatballs!