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Recipes created and curated by a Chef for the everyday home cook

Are you ready to eat restaurant-quality meals at home without spending hours in the kitchen?

My curated Meal Plans make it easy! You CAN cook like a chef, even if you feel like you’ve got no kitchen game. Eat more flavorful, nutritious, mouth-watering meals, and save money at the same time! 


Do you know how much money the average person spends each month on eating out?

Do you know how much YOU spend?
(The average American spends around $232 A MONTH eating out, just FYI.)

What if I could show you a way to cook better quality food at home for half the price?

As a chef, I like to cook quickly, efficiently, and with as little clean-up as possible, but all of that is secondary to making DELICIOUS, BEAUTIFUL food! I’ll show you how to do the same thing, no special training or skills needed!

You can be serving your first restaurant-quality meal TONIGHT if you SIGN UP NOW!

Come into my kitchen and let me show you a better way to eat at home…

  • Easy-to-follow recipes created, tested, and curated by an actual restaurant chef
  • Visual reference for plating and presentation that will wow your friends and family
  • Complete and concise shopping list, so you buy only what you need, reducing food waste and saving you money
  • Meals for the entire week already planned out for you, no searching for recipes


Look, let’s be honest–there are plenty of reasons that you don’t cook at home:

It’s time consuming…

It’s tedious and overwhelming to clean up afterwards…

You feel like you have no talent or skills for cooking

Snacks and premade meals are easier and faster…

It’s such a chore deciding what to make and then searching for recipes…

So much food waste, especially if you forget to read the serving size for a recipe….

And let’s not forget–grocery shopping is the worst


“Chef J. has been a great help in teaching me to be a calmer, more confident cook. He is knowledgeable, but also puts you at ease when doing things you’re not familiar with or would regularly be overwhelming in the kitchen.”
Lindsay T.

But I want you to imagine this…

You’ve just walked in the door after a long day at work, but you know that it’s only going to take you about 30 minutes to make an amazing dinner. 

You spent under an hour at the grocery store over the weekend, so you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips. And, you spent about half as much money as you used to because you had a concise and detailed shopping list that helped you breeze through the store in one rotation. 

As you set up your kitchen to begin preparing dinner, you pull out one pan (the only one you’ll need), and confidently begin to prep. The recipe has all the information you need at every step, and even though you struggled to make blue-box mac ‘n’ cheese just a month ago, by following these recipes you’ve learned some real-world kitchen skills, and your cooking has improved exponentially.

After serving and eating a delicious meal that your family absolutely RAVED about, you take a few minutes to load the dishes into the dishwasher and wipe down the counters, spending less than 10 minutes cleaning up. Now you’re ready to relax for the rest of the evening, well-fed, happy, and content.

Look, you CAN eat real, nutritious, mouth-watering, home-cooked meals, and it’s SO MUCH EASIER than you think! You can have a restaurant-quality meal on the table TONIGHT, all you need to do is GET STARTED!

I’m Chef J. Looney. I’ve been in restaurants, catering and private chef work for over 30 years. The first thing I get asked when people learn that I’m a chef is “can you teach me to cook?”

And the truth is, I absolutely LOVE sharing my knowledge and teaching people how to cook. That’s a huge part of why I created The Culinary Evangelist–I want to make it easy and rewarding to learn how to cook amazing food!

You see, I’m asked for MY recipes all the time, and I’m not one of those chefs that holds my recipes close to my chest. On the contrary, I’ll share just about any recipe I’ve ever created, and that’s exactly what I do with my weekly meal plans!

You want REAL food that’s been home cooked–savory, tender meats, bright earthy flavors of crisp-tender vegetables, food that speaks to your soul and nourishes you, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if having food like that every night of the week was a reality? Especially if it were from an easy-to-follow recipe, and was ready in less time than it takes to go to the drive-thru and back?

I’m here to tell you brothers, sisters, and culinary siblings–it IS that easy! 

I’ve done all the tedious meal planning for you, so you don’t have to spend time wracking your brain trying to think of what to cook.

I’ve given you a shopping list of exactly what ingredients you’ll need, so shopping is faster and hassle-free, and you’ll save money as well!

“You’ve saved my life, literally! I think I’ll be thanking you in my heart every time I cook for the rest of my life!”

Andy T.

Will I lose weight?

It’s a damn good question, and the best answer I can give you is “maybe, maybe not.” Here’s the thing–the recipes are healthy, using whole foods, seasonal produce, etc. You’ll be eating really healthy food and that makes a difference to your overall health every time.

What if I have food allergies?

Look, you know your food allergies better than I ever will, and you’re probably already familiar with many of the substitutions that are necessary in your day-to-day eating. That being said, I do my best to make suggestions for some of the more common allergies like gluten and dairy, etc. So, the easy answer? I’ve got you, and I’ll always do my best to help tailor a recipe for your needs.

Can I use these if I’m on the [insert fad diet here]?

Ok, lets just rip the band-aid off–most fad diets (and I don’t care which one you’re on or how awesome you think it is or how much weight you’ve lost in one week) are short-term solutions and not sustainable long-term. Full stop. What I’m offering you is a fully sustainable (and honestly, pretty damn delicious) way to eat whole, healthy food all week long without spending hours upon hours in the kitchen cooking to achieve that.

Will these recipes feed my entire family?

What I know about food is that we’re all different–some of us eat a lot, and some of us eat a little. Sometimes a family that’s large in numbers will be very light eaters and use less food than an active couple with healthy appetites who love food. So I’ve made each recipe easily scalable to your needs–you decide how many portions you want to prepare and the shopping list is generated accordingly.

What if I suck at cooking?

Here’s the thing–we all gotta start somewhere. Hell, I still burn shit from time to time, true story (check my Instagram for proof!), but I’ve written each of these recipes with that in mind. Now, if you’re a little more confident in the kitchen and a bit more advanced in your techniques, you’ll be able to look at these recipes and then put your own spin on it if you like. But literally ANYONE can prepare these recipes and feel like a rock star when they put dinner on the table and everyone swoons.


Are there specialty “chef” ingredients? 

Seeing as how tears from a black forest unicorn are exceptionally difficult to come by at this time of year (and unreasonably expensive as well!), I don’t really use them in my recipes. For real, though, 99% of the ingredients I use are readily available at any grocery store or supermarket.

What if I get confused and just need help?

I’m here for you, for real! There are several ways to get in touch with me on the website, and I always respond promptly. I may not be able to get  in touch  in time to save dinner tonight, but I’ll definitely have you right as rain before you start prepping for tomorrow’s dinner.

Can I buy it and give it a try and if I don’t like it, ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. HOWEVER, check out the sampling of testimonials below to hear just how much people are loving the meal plans!

New Recipes Every Week

Each week, you’ll get a new collection of recipes that use seasonal ingredients and are designed to teach you new ways to cook. I’ll also be sharing plenty of chef tips and tricks that I’ve learned over my years in professional kitchens. Techniques and short-cuts that will save you time and money, and make cooking a great meal easy!

Easy Shopping & Grocery Lists

The grocery list is generated from only the recipes you choose, and is customizable based on ingredents that you may already have in your pantry, and what’s readily avaiable at your local grocery store.


Scalable Recipes for any amount

Whether you’re cooking for just yourself, or an entire family, each recipe is scalable for exactly what you need, and the grocery list scales accordingly. This way, you buy only what you need and will use, saving you time and money at the grocery store!


“A friend noticed my interest in improving my kitchen skills and recommended that I take Chef J.’s series of video classes.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the courses or Chef J.’s instruction. Under his tutelage, even the most novice chef can turn out culinary masterpieces with ordinary and readily available ingredients. The skills and techniques that I learned from Chef J. will serve me well for the rest of my life.”
Daren L.

Cook like you mean it

Cooking great food is EASY, regardless of your skill level. I’ll show you how… 

Imagine being able to cook a great meal (with a minimal time investment) every day of the week, with the confidence of a skilled chef. If you can read a recipe, I can teach you to do exactly that! 

My weekly meal plans and recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, result in HALLELUJAH-worthy food, and you’ll learn all the skills that a trained chef has along the way!


Who is this for?

People who like good food!

Each and every recipe is developed, tested, and written by me, a chef, with YOU in mind! So although it’s packed with flavor, the techniques are VERY approachable!


People who are busy!

You’re busy, I get it, and I want to help! I’ve made sure the shopping lists are concise and alphabetized to cut down on time spent in the grocery store, and most of the recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less. Honestly, you’d spend more time and money going through the drive-thru every night than you would cooking the recipes I’ve prepared for you!

People who want to eat healthy!

Eating a balanced diet is easy when you follow the meal plans I provide–seasonal produce, lean meats, and very balanced nutritional values. All you gotta do is cook and eat, easy!


People who want to learn how to cook!

Although cooking is a passion for me, I know that not everyone loves it as much as I do. I’ve kept that in mind, and although the instructions on each recipe are very clear and straightforward, as you cook you’ll learn new techniques that are universally applicable for just about anything you want to cook!

“Chef J. is the King of the Culinary Arts! A creator with mouth watering, unstoppable concoctions, beautiful  presentations, and he is the Wikipedia for Foodies!”
Bianca W.

So, how does this work?

Getting started is SO easy! Pick which payment plan works best for you–monthly, quarterly, or annually. Fill out the form, and within moments you’ll have an email telling you how to get started and you can be cooking your first meal TONIGHT!
Imagine how your life could be different just one week from today…

Dinner is no longer a stress point.

You went shopping over the weekend, and maybe did a little light prep, cutting up vegetables in anticipation of the week’s meals.

Every night you spend just a few minutes putting things together and popping dinner in the oven while you relax.

Then, after you’ve settled from a busy day, a delicious, hot, nutritious meal is ready, and everybody RAVES about how amazing it is and what a fantastic cook you are!

No more drive-thru dinners, no more frozen meals, no more garbage food, just wholesome, mouth-watering meals every single night (and maybe leftovers for lunch!)

It really can be this easy, all you need to do is choose a plan!

Here’s the deal:

For less than 60 cents a day (pocket change, right?), you get access to recipes that will change the way you cook and change your life.
I want to make your life delicious, easy, and make sure you get all the nutrition you need to make it through each day in this crazy world we live in, and that’s no small thing.
So pick which billing plan works best for you–monthly, quarterly, or annually–and let’s get started. I want the best for you, and it’s waiting right here.

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