March Madness 2021 Recipe Sign-Up

You’ve picked your teams, but have you chosen the right food?

Is any NCAA Final Game party complete without EPIC food? For real, half the fun (or more) is all the amazing apps and food! At least that’s how I roll…

With that in mind, I’ve curated a collection of the recipes I’ll be making for this years Final Four and Championship Game, and I want to share it with you!

Any ONE of these recipes will make you the HERO of the day, but if you have the temerity to tackle all of them? Well, you’ll be a LEGEND! And the truth is, with just a minimal amount of planning, you could totally make all of these – they’re all pretty straightforward, and I’ve included short cuts and time savers as well!

So, are you ready to be the hero of your party and cook like a legend?

PS – if you haven’t already signed up for the March Madness – World Culinary Edition brakcets game, do it now and play along! It’s free to play, and there are prizes!
Click HERE!

Recipes included, from my own private collection:

  • PB&J Chicken Wings – Thai flavors and just the right amount heat make this recipe work, and it’ll be a fan favorite!
  • Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños
  • Cheesy pizza pull-apart dip
  • Carnitas pork “Totchos” – like nachos, but with tots, and the recipe for my signature pork carnitas is included!
  • Balsamic BBQ Meatballs
  • Italian Beef Dip Sliders
  • And my Legendary Peanut Butter Cookies!