In the past 90 days, the world has changed dramatically – how we work, how we socialize, how we interact and relate with those around us, and yes, even how we shop and eat.

Many of us have found ourselves changing our shopping and eating habits out of necessity, and not necessarily because we’ve wanted to. It’s important to recognize just how delicate our food supply system is, and the Corona virus and the resulting quarantine have illustrated that pretty clearly. Although it’s not a food, the run on toilet paper is a perfect example of just how quickly and massively things can go wrong.

But it’s not all doom-and-gloom, apocalyptic chaos – as delicate as our food supply system is, it’s actually rather robust at the same time. Again, consider toilet paper (still aware that it’s not food. I get it, but bear with me…): although the shelves were emptied by the hoarders, Charmin and the other companies were still manufacturing toilet paper, and once the hoarders had filled whatever arbitrary quota they’d set for themselves, the natural flow of the supply chain replenished the shelves and business as normal resumed, more or less.

If you’re following the news, you know that many meat processing plants have been shut down entirely. This is a perfect example of the delicacy of the system. But, just because the processing plants are shuttered doesn’t mean that there’s no beef, pork, or chicken to be found. You see, there are plenty of smaller farmers and ranchers that sell to the big processors simply because that’s the way that business has been done lately, for better or for worse. But even with the closure of the processing facilities, these ranchers and farmers still have animals that need to be sold and processed. Several people that I know have reached out to local farmers, as well as local butchers, and made arrangements to but directly from the source and have the meat processed by an independent local butcher. This is an example of the robust nature of our system.

So again, no need to be fearful of starving to death or not having food, but definitely be open to the landscape of the food supply system changing dramatically. Just like water always flows downhill and takes the path of least resistance, our food supply system will find a way to stabilize and maintain the flow of goods.

Savor the day,