It’s raining this morning, and as I was driving in to the gym, I was annoyed by how many drivers DIDN’T HAVE THEIR HEADLIGHTS ON.

I get it, I’m easily annoyed, especially on the roads, and MOST especially by stupidity. Put those two together, and I become a real asshole.

But this morning was different. I decided to wonder into why I was so pissed about someone else NOT having their lights on while driving in low-visibility rainy conditions.

After several minutes of honest introspection, I realized that it’s because I care deeply for my fellow man. I know I can be a jerk sometimes, especially when it comes to things I’m passionate about. I have a tendency to come out with both barrels blazing any time there’s even a perceived wrongdoing on someone else’s part. But at the end of the day, I’m interested in everyone else in this world getting exactly what they want and being happy.

So back to the drivers: In my mind, it’s either stupidity or negligence that results in them NOT turning on their lights on rainy days like today, and it creates a real danger for everyone else around them. The headlights are just as much for the other drivers on the road, making you more visible to those around you, as they are for you to see the roadway. I was upset at these other drivers apparently NOT GIVING A F*CK ABOUT ANYONE ELSE. Because they hadn’t even considered anyone else around them (and I’m just as guilty of this as anyone), they weren’t just endangering themselves, but everyone else on the road. 

So what does this have to do with eating?


If you eat like shit, you’re affecting not only yourself, but everyone else around you. Your children will learn most of their eating habits from you. Your family is influenced by how and what you eat. Your friends and co-workers are influenced by what you eat. EVEN COMPLETE STRANGERS are influenced by your choices!

How is it even possible for a complete stranger to be influenced by what you eat? The next time you see someone that is overweight eating, pay attention to your thoughts and judgments about that person. The next time you see someone that is fit and in shape eating, pay attention to your thoughts and judgments. 

The fact is, we make decisions about our own lives based on everything that surrounds us. Maybe that overweight person is eating a salad, and you notice, and make the judgment that “hey, that salad isn’t doing them any good at all, just LOOK at them!” And perhaps later that week, as you’re trying to make healthy food decisions, you consider eating a hearty salad, but decide that it won’t do you any good, so you go with a cheeseburger instead. EVEN IF IT’S NOT CONSCIOUSLY, you have been influenced by that overweight person eating a salad.

In that same way, YOU influence OTHERS with your choices!

Maybe it’s not right or fair, but it’s true.

So my challenge for you today is simply this: EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A F*CK.

It makes a difference, whether you realize it or not.

YOU make a difference, whether you realize it or not.

Savor the day,