One of my proudest accomplishments from the Chow Truck is the creation of our very own hot sauce, which we affectionately named Dragon Sauce!

In the days of the Chow Truck, we always had plenty sriracha on hand to spice things up for those who wanted an extra little kick, and for most people, that worked just fine. But every now and then, we’d get a special customer who wanted something even hotter!

I started seeking out and testing various hot sauces, and I found plenty that were HOT! But the thing is, the hottest ones always lacked any flavor, it was just pure heat, and I wanted something that was going to compliment the food we were serving. After a long search that was ultimately disappointing, I decided to conjure my own hot sauce – A DRAGON WAS BORN!

I found a few growers who supplied me with the hottest peppers ever created, and then I got to work. Taste testing was BRUTAL… It usually went something like *tiny taste, just a drop* which quickly changed to *OHMYGODMYMOUTHISONFIRE!!*, followed by eating copious amounts of yogurt to try and quench the absolutely insane amount of heat and spice in my mouth. But in the end, I had a sauce that was robust in flavor, with plenty of nuance and depth, and a heat that teases at first, then builds, and finally EXPLODES like a molten volcano!

This sauce is something special, and I haven’t made it in awhile, but I’ve recently connected with some exceptional growers, and I’ve already got plants starting to sprout! First harvest should be some time around the end of May, and then I’ll get cooking.

This will be an EXTREMELY limited production, and it WILL sell out! If you want to be a part of the pre-orders, which I’ll be releasing a full week before I open it to the public, just add your name and email to the list below. You will have EXCLUSIVE access to updates and be among the very first to be able to reserve your bottle!

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