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J. has been a great help in teaching me some of the skills necessary to put together a meal for a large group. His suggestions for preparation and organization have been extremely helpful in making me a calmer, more confident cook. He is knowledgeable, but also puts you at ease when doing things you’re not familiar with or would regularly be overwhelming in the kitchen.

Lindsay T.

Talent, passion, and dedication are three important ingredients in making an exceptional chef, and an exceptional teacher. Every meal I’ve had made by J., every class I’ve attended taught by J. featured these three ingredients in abundance and perfect harmony. J. clearly loves what he does, but that isn’t enough for him. J. sees the joy cooking brings into his life and works hard to share that joy with those around him, and does so with kindness and patience. Atop it all, J. is down-to-earth good person, and someone who’s energy makes the people around him want to try to be a little better themselves. I know whatever endeavor J. launches into, he will find success, and keep teaching along the way.

Stefan B.

J.  Looney is the King of the Culinary Arts! A creator with mouth watering unstoppable concoctions, beautiful  presentations, and is the Wikipedia for Foodies. I am hungry now….Feed Me J.‼️ I want your Mac & Cheese!!!
Bianca W.
J catered our wedding lunch and we were so thrilled with how it turned out. Beautiful, flavorful and filling food that our guests raved about— and are still talking about even 5 years later. Very professional staff and presentation, too! Thank you!
Kourtney Little
A friend noticed my interest in improving my kitchen skills and recommended that I take J. Looney’s series of live video classes.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the courses or J.’s instruction. Under his tutelage, even the most novice chef can turn out culinary masterpieces with ordinary and readily available ingredients.  I vividly recall cooking along in a video pasta class and cranking out an astonishingly beautiful 6’ ribbon of dough.  The skills and techniques that I learned from Chef J. will serve me well for the rest of my life.
Daren L.
Chef J. Looney’s passion and pride shows in the way he cooks and the way that he passes along the techniques and skills in the kitchen. He taught in my Cultural Aspects of Food class and to this day, it was one of my most favorite classes at the University of Utah. He taught me to love the art of cooking and the finesse that comes with cooking great food and the pride that comes with your food. He’s a great teacher and I could not recommend taking any classes he might have to offer more highly!
Hung N.

J, you’ve done so many things for me and my family! You customized and catered nightly meals for my family that were healthy and fit our dietary restrictions, they were delivered on time with easy to follow instructions each week, and were always delicious. You’ve catered events I’ve planned and attended, and each time the execution was flawless. You’ve hosted themed dinner parties where you demonstrated the diversity of specific foods (a great example would be your bacon showcase in 2011) and you’ve hosted private cooking demonstrations where you’ve made advanced cooking techniques accessible for your guests. I’ve not only enjoyed all of your food over the years, but I’ve gained a vast knowledge and understanding of how to prepare, pair, and enjoy ingredients that I would have otherwise passed up because I didn’t know how easy they were to prepare with the right instruction. I can’t thank you enough for all of your skill and knowledge in the kitchen, it’s enhanced my life!

Linda B.
J. helped me plan a menu for a unique cocktail bar concept.  We had a pretty concrete plan but talking with him opened up some suggestions and ideas I hadn’t thought about. Game changer.  Highly recommend.
Marilee T.