About Us

I believe food is a powerful.
I believe when food is shared, magic happens.
I believe many of the problems we face in society today can be changed with food.
I believe food can change a persons life.
I believe food can change the world.
I believe preparing food is an expression of love.
I believe in food.

My obsession with food started even before I knew what an obsession was. My father has been in the food service industry my entire life, and I’ve always been fascinated and enthralled at the working of a professional kitchen. From a huge commercial cafeteria kitchen that serves upwards of 5,000 people a day, to the small fine-dining kitchen that carefully crafts each dish and serves only 50 or so meals each evening, it’s all magical to me.

I love creating food that is healthy, beautiful, convenient and delivered right to your front door each week.  Freeing  up your time so you can spend it doing that which brings you joy.  

Professionally, I have had the privilege of cooking in some of the finest restaurants in Utah from the Metropolitan in SLC to The Prairie Schooner in Ogden.  I am a private chef.  I love cooking for my clients supporting their small or large gatherings in their own homes.   I have also worked for the College of Health at The University of Utah, and I was lucky enough to teach one of the most popular courses on campus, sharing foods and cultures from around the world with an incredibly diverse group of students.  My clients benefit from the recipes shared with me by my students.  Recipes passed down through the generations from China to Australia,  Russia to Puerto Rico with family favorite ingredients and cultural nuances.  Food that is flavorful and exciting!

Personally, I cook. I eat. I share my passion of food with everyone I meet.

Join me for a meal sometime, it’d be my pleasure to cook for you!