Good Sunday to you, brothers, sisters, and culinary siblings!

I’m bringing today’s sermon out of the archives… It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and as the fall weather has turned cooler, I know my very own ginger soul (yes, we sometimes have a soul) hungers for all the warm, rich, brothy goodness of ramen.

I’m sharing the good word with you today of how to take the humble instant ramen packet, and elevate it into something downright celestial.

And quite sincerely, my culinary congregation, as I was reflecting on this sermon, the analogy to each one of our own lives is pretty evident. So hear these words – no matter how lowly, overlooked, forgotten or undervalued you may feel, there is ALWAYS the potential within you to be greater. Now go practice on some ramen as you begin to do the work on yourself.

Much love, my culinary siblings.

Savor the day,

Chef J.
The Culinary Evangelist